I love this artist, singer, song writer and producer Aurora from the Fjord of Light in Norway. A video from her moving performance in the beautiful Nidaros Cathedral in Nidarosdomen Norway is below. It will be a blessing to you.


My thoughts of Aurora are that she is a very special person, a unique individual with a heart filled with love. A bright and shinning light in this world. A beautiful soul. A woman of curiosity and creativity. She has a love for mankind and that of the natural world with a vision of the connectivity of all living creatures. I don’t believe I have come across such a lovely human being.


She gives all of herself in her performances around the world expressing what is in her heart with her beautiful voice and outflowing through her entire body. She is truly a genuine and authentic artist in the purest sense.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and find out more about this wonderful artist!

Wikipedia - 

Aurora is the only musician in her family. She started learning to play piano when she was six. "I really love classic music, and when I found this piano in the attic, I just started pressing the keys and trying to figure out my favorite classical songs. I started to make melodies that I recognized. There was something special about being able to play just by yourself – something about the emotion in it made me want to continue playing." At age nine, when she had a better handle of the English language, she began writing songs. Songs such as "Running with the Wolves," "I Went Too Far" and "Runaway" were written in this early stage of her life, with "Runaway" being written when she was 12. She has mentioned she was influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Enya, and The Chemical Brothers.