Why are we so captivated with the past, how things could have been, should have been. How many times we let it dictate the present, how we feel and think. How it puts us in a box, constraining and limiting possibilities. How it controls our current reality. How it effects the perception we have of what is actually happening in this very moment. How it robs us of learning, of growing. How it keeps us from starting new, fresh. 


In like manner we can be enthralled with the future, how things could be different, better. Keeping us from living to the fullest in this present moment. Keeping us from being in tune with what we can experience. To live in the future is to blind us from what is afforded us. To not see nor recognize opportunities which come our way, which can actually give way to a new perception of what is possible. Allowing us to flow with what is actually happening, where life will take us, the unknown, the wide expanse untainted by the past or the future. 


Both of these perceptions can effect, manipulate, and control us even to the point of excluding the present. Keeping us from experiencing joy, the joy of being set free from the constraints of the past, the controlling effects of what might happen in the future. They dictate our plans, our hopes, they set us on a path of anxiety, depression, of disappointment and frustration. Plans which do not work out how we envisioned. What we have so desperately striven for based on what we dream. 


Our current actions become contrived, forcing an alternate perception. They keep us from addressing reality. From experiencing what we have set before us. From growing naturally. From moving freely with the flow of life, not butting heads with the past or future. Not breaking under the stringent rules we set for how things should be. Rather, we bend and adapt. We do not fear the unknown, we let go our firm grasp, the illusion of being in control. Living in the past and the future does make us feel in control, we can create whatever fantasy world we desire, but we will not be open to feeling what it is we need to feel, what it is we need right now for a healthy mind and body, to understand how wonderful we are, to be content and at peace. 


Life has the possibility of being far easier. Much of the weight we have created can be lifted. We can have a far greater ease about life, slowing things down to the point we can allow ourselves to feel some happiness. A genuine love for ourselves has the chance to blossom. We will feel far more stable living in the unknown without the self induced pressures created from the perception we have of the past or future. 


We open our eyes, let go our grasp, what we can experience in the present can be far greater then anything we perceived has or will happen, and it will be real. True joy, true happiness, right here, right now. 

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