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Contrary to popular belief it is impossible to create a mind, heart, spirit and soul through the process of the evolution of a single celled organism which is entirely physical. Many may think the outward, that which is seen with the eye is all there is, but an inner man exists which is far more important. From the inner stems all man thinks, feels, ones emotions, ones outlook and attitude, the basis of all one says and does. It is not destined to decay, perishing with time. Rather it goes far beyond the physical. It transcends time, there are no bounds nor limits, so vast is its expanse that it can never be comprehended. Within the inner man exists unending possibilities. The inner man is not bound or constrained as is the physical man. It does not follow the same rules and regulations, freely effecting every aspect of our lives. 


Who are we, we are a transcending being, a light to the world. A vastly new and alternate perspective open to each of us. We look at our entire existence from an entirely new vantage point. Our purpose becomes clearer. We are to transform our minds in ever increasing measure by this new vision of who we truly are. We see the true connectedness we share with all mankind. We not only build ourselves up, but all those we come into contact with. We affect each other in far more profound ways then we have ever thought or imagined.  It is mutually beneficial to all to strive to perpetuate what it is that is important in life. 


We truly are lights to the world. We live in stark contrast to the darkness which surrounds many. Those who have been searching all their lives will see the saving grace which we possess and which we are. We have the ability within us to affect others in profound and beautiful ways, sending shock waves around the world. We will see the beauty in our purpose, a fulfilling and satisfying eternal reason for living. 


Let us forget what lay behind and take hold of the vision we possess within us. A bright eternal future lay before us. 

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