Does a spiritual realm exist

If there is no spiritual realm, no higher power, no designer of all living things, then we are faced with a dumbfounding thought, beyond human comprehension. That thought is that our most common garden plant, the weed, that pesky little guy we think is so stupid, so insignificant, is in fact, a most profound living creature. For that little guy designed, created with forethought the ability to manufacture within itself, from itself, a seed, as we call it. A tiny, minuscule appendage, it grows, as we would grow a new arm. That seed carries within itself a blueprint, devised and formed by the plant to replicate itself. That seed has the ability, separate and apart from its creator, the plant, to grow with only dirt, sunlight, and water, a replica of the designer himself. I tell you, today we are faced with the decision to believe in a plant or a spirituality which encompasses every aspect of our existence, which will we choose?

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Ketil Fersum
12 days ago

Beautiful! Matterhorn is said to be a giant earthly manifestation of the power of the Universal Eternal Child. Like Ayers Rock (Urulu) in Australia

brandon champney
8 days ago

Very cool, thanks for the info! I’m glad you enjoyed my writing. Be blessed!