Accepting Ourselves

It can be one of the most difficult things we do in our life, but in order to feel peace within ourselves in this life we must. I’m talking about accepting ourselves for who we are right in this very moment, those things which to us look good or bad. To show ourselves grace and mercy, to accept the season we are in. We can and will expect more and more of ourselves no matter how much good we do, no matter what changes we make it will never be enough. If we cannot accept ourselves, love ourselves for who we are, we will fight a constant battle of dissatisfaction. An unending quest for who we think we should be. We will feel the constant expectation of ourselves, from ourselves, from the world. 


We realize that life is a journey, that we will never attain perfection, that imperfections are a natural part of being human, of growing. We cannot survive under the pressure of never meeting what it is we think we should be, how life, our life should look. My mother who has since passed would say to me not to should on yourself and this is so true. Being dissatisfied with ourself is a hamper to the joy of living, of growing, of moving forward. Acceptance brings about true change, the joy of loving ourself, being our own best friend. Embracing the good and those things which we feel should be different, it opens the door to the joys of possibility. 


Appreciating ourselves gives us the freedom to try new things. To be open to wherever life takes us. There are no set rules for our life, no prerequisites to being happy. We can be free, right here, right now. Our perceived weaknesses are an intricate part of our humanness, a necessity for a well rounded life, a mature attitude, a proper perspective, a natural progression. To love ourself, all of us, no matter where we think we are, no matter what others tell us we lack. To feel unworthy of experiencing life in all its beauty is an unnatural shame. 


We cast off the inadequacies we feel, experience, tell ourself and hear. What matters most is the love and acceptance we impart to ourself. Our opinion of ourself is the only one that matters. I know we can feel unworthy. I know we can be dissatisfied with ourselves and wish we were different, that life were different. We imagine life being so much better if things were different, if we were different. We think we will be happy, accepted and appreciated by others, fit in. But dissatisfaction is a spiral of unhappiness. To seek the approval of others is to lose ourselves, to relinquish the power we posses. Feeling we lack in any area in our life does not make us unworthy, does not mean we are not actually very strong, that we don’t actually posses an abundance of possibility. We are so much larger than we think we are. Our potential goes far beyond our unrealistic and hopefully temporary attitudes. 


We wake to the true perspective of being human in all its aspects. They are natural, to be appreciated for the part they play in being the wonderful person we are.  To love ourself is to accept all we are. The perceived lack we experience as a human is not a disfunction to be shunned it is actually the beginnings of the realization of our potential. It’s purpose is not to be stewed over, to be used to beat ourselves up, to feel less, to depress us, to be anxious over. We accept the fullness of who we are. This is how it should be, this is true life. Everything works together, it is the flow of life. It is life’s dance. 

Will things change, yes, but we will do so with a joy and love for ourself. A freedom to move forward without fear. No stifling expectations which limit us, put us in a box of conformity. Acceptance opens the wide expanse of life’s potential, open to all no matter where we think we are. Today we embrace our fullness, who we are, every part working together in harmony to bring about our true life perspective.

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