The Power of the Mind

Although we may feel at times that what we think and feel are unique, that no one feels or thinks the way we do, that no one could possibly understand, that we are alone in our experiences, but we are not, they are not unusual nor unnatural, they are our human experiences based on our perception, universally felt and understood by all. Yet they do not define us, they are not set in stone and can be manipulated for our own desired outcome. So, when we are struggling, we need to realize our thoughts are not the ultimate reality, that we are stronger then we think.


Our thoughts really are as whimsical or controlling as we make them. They flood our minds, a plethora of thoughts, what we tell ourselves, what others tell us. Yet they so easily can go in and out with the tide, apart from the ones we choose to hold onto. We accept them as the natural progression of change. We decipher what is right, what is true. We purposefully set our minds on what is good, fill ourselves with what is positive. 


We do not fight to remove the bombardment of thoughts which assault us daily from our lives, this is impossible. But with time and practice we can more easily train our minds to recognize our thoughts for what they are, to release the destructive and hurtful and embrace those which uplift and build up.


No it is not easy, we feel so strongly to be true that which springs from our experiences and circumstances. Yet we are part of something far greater than what we do or don’t do in our life. The expanse of our potential is limited only by the vision of who we want to be, our desire. We cultivate an imagination which tests the very fabric of who we think we are, what we think is possible, and will lift us to new possibilities. 


We bring to the forefront a recreated vision of what it is we truly desire for ourselves. An internal perspective which transforms the outward and physical aspects of our lives.


We will truly be what we think. If we change the inward the outward will naturally and progressively follow.


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